Friday, November 21, 2008

Connected To Connect!

While attending the Women's Ministry National Leadership Forum in Nov. 2007, I met Janice Viinalass at Leighann McCoy's prayer breakout session.  We talked for a few minutes after the session and exchanged email addresses and I committed our spring women's Tues. Morning Bible study to pray for her family and mission ministry in Estonia (next to Finland, duh!).  The thing that amazed me is how God connected us this fall.  They came home to Columbus, Ohio, in early Nov. and  worked out their schedule to come to our church on a Sunday evening, Nov. 2nd,  and speak to our congregation regarding their work in Estonia.  I knew God's hand had brought them to us and their testimony inspired and touched so many people at FBCR.  Thank you, Lord, for introducing me to Janice and for how You are using them to further Your Kingdom and for the unseen work that is taking place as we speak resulting from their evening spent with us. God, has anyone ever told You just how COOL You are?!