Friday, December 26, 2008

He Has Done Great Things For Me, Too!!!

Luke 1:46-50

Christmas Decor '08

that giraffe spoke to me once (not literally, duh!) about medical missions in Africa 

                                                      Nutcrackers "Hans and Franz"

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

all kindergarten reindeer popcicle stick ornaments and any other type are welcome on this tree after I was accused of and found guilty of making it too fancy a few years back!
The Nativity is my favorite of all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tokyo Comes To Kentucky!

Molly's friend, Ranko, is spending part of Christmas with us since it is so expensive to go home.  We are totally blessed by her and thankful to God for allowing us to host her.  She is precious and I pray she will experience Christmas like never before.  In Tokyo, the big holiday is New Year's.  Lord, help us to throw down a month- long birthday party for Christ and glorify His Name in our house!  Happy B-day Jesus!!!