Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State Peril

     I was on the Music Boat Cruise Wednesday night when all the details surrounding the Second Mile/Jerry Sandusky/association with Penn State and the longstanding sexual abuse scandal unfolded.  I remember hearing earlier that afternoon on a scuba diving excursion that Joe Paterno had "retired" and didn't really think much about it assuming their season had ended or something normal had prompted his decision.  But as I later watched the news conference and realized ALL that was going on, I was sickened and shocked by the disaster and felt so disgusted by the thought that a "program" was protected at all costs while the abused children were not.  This, to me, says a lot about our spiritual health in America as a society.   And we are VERY sick.

     For me, it was a pivotal moment as I assessed the sanctity of a young life and realized that the value was deemed inferior to a superior "white washed" football program and as a society,  just how "sin sick" we actually are.   As I processed the info, I quickly made a spiritual app regarding hidden sin and the time bomb it becomes when not dealt with.  Sin that is not dealt with promptly and properly (confession and genuine repentance all the while getting to KNOW God through His word) will ultimately be exposed in a hot mess such as this.  The opportunity to deal with the situation presented itself 10 years ago.  But unfortunately, it was swept under the astroturf.  But sin management doesn't work for long!   Hello, Christian America?!! God was always right!!  Why are we so prone to unbelief?!  Can't we learn anything in the classroom?!  I wonder how many times the Holy Spirit convicted those involved, however "indirectly," and the Holy Spirit was ignored.  That is so dangerous because the Scriptures speak of this and the results are horrendous!  Perpetually hardened hearts are eventually given over to depravity.  I know that all of the "innocent" bystanders would have been miserable if they in fact chose to ignore the Spirit.  Surely the "thought's" came; thoughts of calling the police and righting the wrong on so many levels. But then you block them and try to ignore them by distracting yourself or justifying yourself  or whatever it takes to move on.  We've all done this to some extent or another.....entertain doing the right thing but choosing not to.  Failure to deal with your sin will always cost you and those closest to you more the longer you postpone it.

     As Penn State now knows all too clearly, what may have been a slight bruise to the program 10 years ago,  is now a mortal injury. Actually I think exposing Jerry Sandusky and the sham at THAT time would have deemed Joe Paterno and all of Penn State University as a heros.   But THEY chose to believe a lie from the pit that it's better to keep such things in the dark....out of sight out of mind.  Doubtful!  I bet it crossed everyone's minds that knew about it more than they will admit.

      As a Christian, I know that sin exposed to The Light is how the healing begins.  Light heals.  God gives us the opportunity to TURN from our sin but when we choose to continue down the path of rebellion and deceive ourselves into believing that it will all work out just the same with no dire consequences, we are genuinely deceived.

     Good News:  Before the Penn State vs. Nebraska game today, both teams came together mid-field and got on their knees in unity as Nebraska assistant coach, Rob Brown, lead a time of prayer.  I was praising God for that prayer time for the abused children.  I know that bringing it out into the light in humility and unity was a huge godly step.  I am not going to use this opportunity to bash or criticize how Penn State handled this horrible ordeal.  But what I can do is examine my heart and ask the LORD to shine His light on it and reveal to me anything offensive, hurtful or damaging to His character that might be dwelling in me.  I am learning that it's easier to deal with sin upfront than to sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn't there.

 Oh, LORD, pour out Your Spirit on us and may we return to you and the fear of the LORD.

Luke 8:17 “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

John 8:12  "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."