Thursday, August 21, 2008

Restorer of Streets With Dwellings!

Isaiah 58:12 says, "Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations. You will be called repairer of broken walls, restorer of streets with dwellings." Don't you know that God totally spoke to me on Tues. morning through this verse!! Mike has felt led to begin a neighborhood bible study ever since Bruce "Prayer of Jabez" Wilkinson spoke to our church in May and challenged us to fill the pews. I must confess that I had been complacent about inviting people to FBCR. And God exposed my complacency through Bruce. I personally thought that a neighborhood bible study (NBS) was a great idea and I knew I wanted to be involved. Over the summer, Mike and I prayed while he researched seeker group studies. God began to bring clarity to him about how to approach it only I knew I didn't quite have the vision Mike had for this ministry. I kept asking Mike questions like, "Do we invite random people from all over Bellefonte or how do we know exactly who to invite?" He told me a couple of weeks ago that we should start with inviting just the houses on our STREET (more specifically just those on our block). On Monday night, I wasn't sleeping well and was praying about all I potentially was supposed to be involved with for the fall and I asked God to give me a passion and confirmation for the NBS. On Tuesday morning during my "quiet time" I began reading Isaiah 58 which is my all-time favorite passage. When I got to verse 12, I got my confirmation. God spoke directly to me using the word STREET to confirm that I was to be in partnership with Mike in leading a study. I then became really excited about the NBS because the God of the Universe told me to get on board because He was ordaining it! Thank you, Father. I can and will trust You as we begin to point some people to You so that You may make some "home improvements." Serving You is my privilege. Ciao! Dana <><

Monday, August 18, 2008

"You'll See" Glory's Just Around The Corner!

Well, Molly, Jonny and Sophie are officially moved into their respective college homes. On Friday, I helped Molly get moved into her dorm at MSU. It was somewhat of a hostile environment on the part of 2 of the 3 new roomies. Let's just say that it was quite obvious that "some" had settled in and really didn't seemed thrilled that 2 more would be joining them. But after all, it was a 4 girl room. I must say, that Molly took the high road in her attitude of heart. I was proud of the spiritual maturity she was displaying by the fact that she was responding in the spirit and not the flesh. I struggled a bit because I kept comparing Belmont Univ. to Morehead St. Univ. My flesh definitely wanted to make an appearance! But I know quite well that God is not into comparisons and so I had to pray, pray, pray throughout the day. But the cool thing is that He specifically spoke to me on Friday morning as I showered and before we even left the house. I asked Him, "Why Morehead, Lord?" He replied, "You'll see." "When," I prodded, and He said, "Wait." I then asked, "Did You just say wait?" "Yes," He said. So I totally got a "You'll see, wait, and yes," from the Lord. The next day I was watching Monk on the DVR and at one point on the submarine episode, Mr. Monk said, "You'll see, be patient." He was recreating a silencer out of a soda pop bottle. I asked Molly(she came back home with Kev Sat. morning for Shannon's b-day) to roll it back because those words reminded me of what God had spoken to me just the day before. It was as if He were reminding me again first of all because at that time, I NEEDED REMINDING. That moment also reinforced the point that something BIG was at stake. On Sun. morning in my quiet time I read from 1 Peter 4 in the Message. It talked about glory being just around the corner and going through what Christ experienced being a spiritual refining process-this was an answer to a question I had asked God on Friday night. (Lord, just what are we dealing with regarding the Morehead roommate situation?) We are to rejoice that we participate in the sufferings of Christ. I also loved what He spoke to me in my devo.-Just believe, trust Me, and let not your heart be troubled. Perfect words for my battle with #1 the transfer and #2 the unwelcoming roommates. God has been preparing me all week for what was going down. I wavered in and out of belief. I let the enemy get to me at times. I confessed my unbelief as sin and then chose to believe. I KNOW God is doing a BIG thing and that I will SEE it in His timing. This pumps me up! (ala Hans and Franz) Thank you Lord for loving me through this emo weekend. Above all love, each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet. 4:8 Love, Dana

Monday, August 11, 2008

Molly Has Chosen What Is Better!

Today starts the grief period for me because summer 2008 is coming to an end. Molly and Jonny are both moving to Morehead on Friday so this week will be all about preparation and packing. Sophie is going back to Columbia College in Chicago on Friday as well! But the big surprise for me is how I have been an emotional wreck these past few days because Molly decided to leave Belmont and transfer to Morehead. I have known all summer that this was a possibility and we have prayed and sought God's will for her in this matter. Last week when she officially withdrew from Belmont, I became somewhat emo and I believe God was exposing a root of sinful self-interest in me. Why did I care so much about her transferring? Does it really matter what college or university her degree comes from? Well, he proceeded to expose pride in my heart. I honestly did not see this coming. But, sure enough, I was a wreck over her decision to leave precious little "Belmont" and transfer to Morehead. I mean Nashville has everything and Morehead has...what? Did you know that the road to the White House runs through Belmont? This little gem of a school has got it going on! So how could transferring to Morewho, I mean Morehead be a good decision? Well, this morning in my quiet time I believe God confirmed His will for her to me. The passage-Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. When I read it I saw me "worried and upset about so many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better..." I knew immediately that God had spoken to me and confirmed that it was His will for this school transfer. Also, I remembered that the name Molly is a diminutive form of the name Mary so I knew that He was in essence saying to me, "Molly has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her. So there it was-Morehead was better for Molly than Belmont! Only God knows why but I will choose to trust Him and put this issue to rest. Luke 9:48 b (MSG) says, "You become great by accepting, not asserting.  Your spirit, not your size, makes the difference." In other words, it's God's Holy Spirit in you, not the degree you receive or where you receive it from that makes the difference in your life.  Thank you, LORD, for the delivering word. I needed it! Love, joy, peace... Dana

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hello everyone out there in the blogosphere! Just getting started with my blog and am walking through the steps so bear with me! Thanks . Dana