Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Siesta Memory Team (SMT) Celebration!!! Wit Woo!!!

Let the games begin!!!!!
Pink boas.....check!!!!
birds of a feather..........are geeks!!!! And Psalm 119 has 176 verses...that's 176!!!! Also, best quote of the conference from Beth was, " Though I am like a wineskin in the smoke, I do not forget your decrees." Psalm 119:83
2 Beth Moorons!!! At least that's what my hubs calls us! She is the 13th disciple ya know!!
Me, Amanda, and Paula We draped her in a boa.......she was thrilled. She is precious!
At the airport Sunday, Paula and Alexia from Champaign, IL
The money shot!!!!!!!!! With brand new friends Kelly and Karen.
Delta Dawn in light blue vest and friends
Beth and Trav
Paula, me, Stephanie, and Tina.......... also from KY........they were on our plane and suspected we were Siestas!!!! We had dinner with them Thursday night at the hotel and lunch with them at the Galleria on Friday!!!
Sandi from her!
Tiffany who has an awesome testimony......and from Dallas..........looooove her, too!!! (For His glory is her blog name)
Sidewalk Sue drove on the sidewalk to get to the Chocolate Bar.....hence the name!!!
Our new BFF's from Morehead, hour from Ashland!!! They practically live in our back yard!!! We already made plans to go to the "So Long Insecurity" simulcast together!!! They drove us from the Galleria to the Chocolate Bar and I knew I was in a special place at a special time. I got video of that adventure which is posted on the FB page 2010 Siesta Sisters Celebration Site. Honestly, 4 sisters giving directions in a town of which they no not of is just down right hilarious. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life, REALLY. Maybe you had to be there.....but I don't think so.
We looooove Travis.............we are proud stalkers...............we are not a we do not need an intervention....well, maybe I do. I saw him at Deeper Still in Orlando in Sept.............Lifeway Leadership Forum in Nashville in November............and the Siesta SMT Celebration in Houston last weekend. He told us he would be in Lexington this summer and we said, "Yeah, we know. We are going. We've had our hotel reservations for 8 months now."

White House Black Markets!!!!! Brigette, Rhonda, Belinda, Paula, Robin, and me.
Four Amazing Sisters from Morehead! I loooove these siestas!!! Brigette, Belinda, Robin, Rhonda
Me and Paula Our Siesta "prom" pic.
Me, Nicole and Paula. She came by herself. We "friended" her. She rocks!
We passed our final!!! 24 Scripts for 2009!!!

...but be transformed by the renewing of your mind...... This is what Romans 12:1 looks like...not just memorizing Scripture for Scriptures sake but knowing when to recall it as it pertains to your personal scenario. Lies are displaced when Truth shows up. I love meditating on Truth!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

When God Plans Your Trip, He Doesn't Cancel It!

       Back in June 2001 Mike and I made plans to travel with Beth on the Beloved Disciple tour to Greece and Turkey.  I was soo excited to have that opportunity.  Then, Sept. 11th came 3 months later.  It totally freaked me out and I definitely wanted to cancel the overseas trip. I wrestled with this practically every day until a couple of months later, I went to hear Beth speak for the first time in Evansville, Indiana.  I went with my friend Lezlie Phillips and we had a wonderful time.  Everything was still so new to me....worshipping with 20,000 women, I even raised my hands for the first time evah!  This is also the trip where the deaf woman and her friend asked to trade seats with me and Lezlie so they could have a better view and we said, "NO!"  Also, at this time I thought Travis was just an O.K. singer.....for  just a few minutes........until he did a solo and really opened his mouth and belted out his pure gift!!! Anywhoo,  as Beth began to speak, one of the first things she addressed was how Satan would use fear to capture us and keep us from traveling.  She said, "Do not let him win.  If you have travel plans, GO."  I immediately new I had gotten a word from God and right then and there I settled it agreed that I would not let fear prevent me from doing anything God ordained for me.  As the time came near for us to go to Greece at the end of March 2002, you better believe I had to pray like crazy as the enemy came after me often.  But I persisted because I knew I HAD A CONFIRMATION WORD FROM GOD THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO ON THIS TRIP.  It made all the difference in the world b/c when Satan taunted me, I didn't listen to him for I KNEW what God had told me.  But it was still difficult as I had to resist the devil and draw near to God on an ongoing basis.  Satan, unfortunately is relentless!  But God got the victory.  Mike and I went and it was a HUGE step in our spiritual growth in so many ways.  Also, before we left the country, God gave me more "ammo" and reassurance in the form of concert tickets to a Plus One/Natalie Grant show in Columbus Ohio.  These were front row tix!!!  The concert was scheduled for early May which would be AFTER we had returned from our "Beloved Disciple" trip.  Molly was sooo excited that we had been able to get these premo tix b/c we were just beginning to listen to Christian music and she loved Plus One.  We didn't really care about Nat Grant so much (didn't really know who she was...haha now she is one of my favs)  One thing that kept going through my head to counter travel fears and leaving my family for 10 days and all the possibilities of how something bad could happen but just as I would begin to speculate such possibilities, I would remember via the Holy Spirit that God had given us front row tickets!  Now why would He do that if we weren't gonna make it back to use them. It was like He was saying, "You can trust Me 'cause I gave you and Molly concert tickets as a deposit of this proof!"  So He used the tickets to help me to grow in my trust of Him.  One thing I have noticed about God is that He is not really One to cancel out on trips.  When Lauren was first pregnant before she miscarried, her due date was when we were supposed to be in St. Bart's for our 10 year anniversary trip.  I remember thinking, "Why would God let us plan to be out of the country when our first grandchild would be born?"  I wondered if Mike was presumptuous in planning it ( he planned it like 11 months out so we could use our miles) but then I just resolved to trust God no matter what.  Then she miscarried, got pregnant again and delivered Margeaux on July 10th when weren't out of the country.  What I've learned is that He is completely in control.  He calls us to grow in out trust for Him and He puts us "out there" to grow us in this. I am learning to ask God what He wants me to do.  It helps to get the confirmation so that when the enemy comes to taunt me, I will know with 100% assurance that GOD SPOKE TO ME.  It makes ALL the difference and empowers me to stand up, fight and win!!!  His will be done.  

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hurting for the Haitians

Oh, my!  Lord be HUGE!!!  The earthquake disaster in Haiti is so unfathomably unsettling.  But yet, God is Sovereign and in control.  I have prayed for mercy, comfort, miracles, deliverance (spiritually and physically) rescues, rescues, and more rescues.  God, we know that YOU WILL BRING GLORY TO YOUR NAME through this.  

a 17 year old girl was found alive 15 days out!!!  Thank you, LORD. (1/27/10)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayin' for Prof. LJ Pays Off!

Back in September 2009, Molly took an Asian Humanities class to fulfill her link cohort requirement at Belmont Univ.  Within a couple of weeks, she began to struggle and complain that she wasn't doing well in the class nor on her papers because the professor "hates women and is bitter from his divorce."  I immediately had compassion for this man because I, too, had been through divorce.  I suggested that she just continue to study the material and write her papers as best she could but also to begin praying for Prof. LJ.  I reminded her that sometimes people are placed in our life in order that we may be intercessors for them.  She agreed to pray for him and I also began praying for him.  (mainly Eph. 3:16-20)  As the semester moved along, her complaints diminished regarding him.  Approximately one week before the semester ended, she mentioned casually that she had done well on one of her papers and that Prof. LJ loved her!!! She said she may even get an "A" in the class!  I was shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth but then, I wasn't.  I KNEW God had answered our prayers!!  I said, "Molly, are you serious? Do you comprehend this situation and how God is blessing you for caring enough to pray for this poor guy?  She said, "Yes, I made that connection."  We weren't praying for a good grade.  We simply prayed for Prof. LJ to know the love of Christ.  But God was so merciful and poured out His favor on Molly that she did end up with an "A" as her final grade when early in the semester she was concerned that she may not even pass the class.   Wit Woo---the power of prayer!!!!  I believe that Prof. LJ's life is surely being touched by God.  I don't know him or anything about his spiritual walk but I truly believe that we helped him in some way.