Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayin' for Prof. LJ Pays Off!

Back in September 2009, Molly took an Asian Humanities class to fulfill her link cohort requirement at Belmont Univ.  Within a couple of weeks, she began to struggle and complain that she wasn't doing well in the class nor on her papers because the professor "hates women and is bitter from his divorce."  I immediately had compassion for this man because I, too, had been through divorce.  I suggested that she just continue to study the material and write her papers as best she could but also to begin praying for Prof. LJ.  I reminded her that sometimes people are placed in our life in order that we may be intercessors for them.  She agreed to pray for him and I also began praying for him.  (mainly Eph. 3:16-20)  As the semester moved along, her complaints diminished regarding him.  Approximately one week before the semester ended, she mentioned casually that she had done well on one of her papers and that Prof. LJ loved her!!! She said she may even get an "A" in the class!  I was shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth but then, I wasn't.  I KNEW God had answered our prayers!!  I said, "Molly, are you serious? Do you comprehend this situation and how God is blessing you for caring enough to pray for this poor guy?  She said, "Yes, I made that connection."  We weren't praying for a good grade.  We simply prayed for Prof. LJ to know the love of Christ.  But God was so merciful and poured out His favor on Molly that she did end up with an "A" as her final grade when early in the semester she was concerned that she may not even pass the class.   Wit Woo---the power of prayer!!!!  I believe that Prof. LJ's life is surely being touched by God.  I don't know him or anything about his spiritual walk but I truly believe that we helped him in some way.  

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