Friday, July 3, 2009

Me, Myself and Lies Bible Study Crew!

                                                             WHAT NOT TO THINK!!!!
Christie, Me, Paula, Kathy, Julz, Connie  (absent Tammy and Lisa)

Jennifer Rothschild's new bible study is the study of choice for the summer. It's all about a making over our thought closets.  I'm only on week 2 and boy, is God exposing some things I really hadn't recognized I had been meditating on which are big fat lies!!!  Here are a few examples just from this week:  "I need help, I'm exhausted, I have too much responsibility, there will always be walls up between me and ______and_______."   Lord, thank You for exposing these subtle thoughts of mine that are lies.  I have all the help I need in You and I can do all things through You.  I have all the energy I need in You and You are an expert in tearing down walls.  Do it!!!  Glorify Your Name in my life.  May I be transformed by the renewing of my mind with Your truth.  I guess that will make me a "transformer."  Megan Fox what, what?!!


Sandy said...

I, too, am enjoying the Me, Myself and Lies Bible Study very much!
Thank you for your post.
Have a Blessed day!

Sandy said...

Thank you for going over to my blog and sharing your verses that you are memorizing. I hope you will keep sharing yours with me.

I really liked Beth's video this morning!
Have a great day!
oh, I was also glad to find your blog, because of you being an "empty nester"!

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

I saw this bible study advertised and wondered how it was...sounds great. Myself and another lady teach a young adult womens SS class and considered doing a study sometime starting in the fall....maybe we'll do this one!