Saturday, October 3, 2009

Solid Foundation!

This summer/fall season (2009) has been strange yet amazing at the same time. We found out in June that our house (the original part was built in 1948 and the addition in 1992) had a SERIOUS problem. The older section was about to undergo some "cosmetic" work on the wood trim and whatnot....or so I thought. When our construction person begin to remove some of the wood trim, he unveiled a MAJOR problem. Water had been flowing under our house to the point of moving the foundation an 1 1/2 inches and the wood that protects it was completely rotten from old termite and new water damage. We were looking at a big restoration project that needed immediate attention. We agreed with Matt and gave him permission to do whatever needed to be done. Spiritual application? I actually began to pray and ask God over the next few days exactly what He was trying to teach us. I asked Him if there was something in me and Mike that needed restoring or what problem in us might He be exposing. The answer I got as I prayed face down in my closet was this: the church. Wowsa. The church? The church. My church. It actually made sense because of some "things" that I had sensed, perceived and seen over the last few weeks and months. Without going into detail, let's just say that I began to pray for a work of restoration to be done in my church in order to eradicate the "serious problem" and to be restored to original condition or as close to it as we could get. I have continued to pray fervently over the months and as my house has been completed with foundation restoration, new drainage system to keep water and moisture from collecting under the house, new replacement windows, new cement siding to replace all of the wood, new deck railing with timber tech product, new landscaping......well actually we are still waiting on the landscaping. I believe God has shown me that He will not plant until the WEM has recognized its problem, confessed it, repented of it and been healed. Then He will replant. It is His way of keeping me in tune with the work that He is doing so I am not left guessing. It is a spiritual parallel in order to show me the progress. I met with the landscaper last week to go over the new plans. He thought he would be able to start today (Thurs., June 4th). I knew, however, that he would not be able to start until WEM leadership had been addressed and as of today that has not totally happened. It has helped me to be supernaturally patient with the landscaper because I know that God will not release him to plant until which time God is planting the new, restored WEM. Your timing, LORD. Not mine.

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