Friday, May 7, 2010

Trying To Explain To Men Why You Love Beth Moore So Much

This is my response to the Blog by Jenny Acuff...........Stuff Christians Like

How do I love thee Beth Moore? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height........
Ok, seriously, back in 2000, a great friend named Marian Baldock took me kicking and screaming to my first in-depth study, David, A Heart Like His. Within days, I was getting into the Word like I never had. I remember praying what she said she prayed on one of the videos......that i would have a hunger and thirst for His Word!! And He answered!!! That was almost 10 years ago and the Lord has transformed me into someone I never new existed. I must say that she has been my mentor over these past 10 years and I love everything about her but most especially her sense of humor.

I would also like to add that my husband needs no explanation of why I love Beth Moore. Back in 2002, I randomly asked him if we could go on the "Beloved Disciple" tour with her to Greece and Turkey and he simply said, O.K., sure. He didn't quite understand what he was in for as there were probably 700 women on that tour and only 75 men. He got to witness the cra cra(crazy) she stirs up in women firsthand for 10 solid days.....teaching/filming sessions, touring, and whatnot and he will tell you that he is a better man for it. He jokes and calls me a "Beth Mooron" but he respects and appreciates her ministry and studies as much as the next gal even when he refers to her as the 13th disciple. He closes down and sends his office staff to her Living Proof Live events when she comes within a 250 mile radius of our town. Let's just say their ain't no greater conference to send 10 women co-workers to than a Beth Moore conference!!!

My challenge over the years has actually been explaining to my kids why I love Beth Moore so much. But now they, too, are starting to get it. My college daughter went to a SLI book-signing a couple of months ago. She said it was really "chill" and that there were only like 25 women there. She thought Beth was hilarious. She told me I couldn't have handled it and behaved properly and that is why the Lord didn't allow me to be there. Then, I get a call 2 weeks ago from my 23 year old stepson requesting the Praying God's Word book be mailed to him "if we had it." If we had it? It went out first thing the next morning!!!
Bottom line.......She is filled to the brim with God's Spirit. I love Him. That's why I love her.


UL Cards Fan said...

LOVE this post Dana. I posted one on my blog about my husband's warning to not drink the Koolaid in Houston, referring to the Jim Jones disaster! I've spent the evening telling him "Beth the hummingbird incident". Hoping he knows it is JESUS we love... Beth just helps us get the love out. So happy to reconnect with you today. Love, Linda

Jesusistheparty! said...

Haha! It was soooo nice to meet you yesterday!! I have read your blog before and knew we were KY siesta's together but actually meeting you was a great blessing. Stay in touch!!!