Monday, April 18, 2011

King Of The Road (Trip)

As I was reading The One Year Bible for March 31, 2011, I was a bit frazzled trying to get my act together to leave town for Nashville by noonish. Molly's senior sorority brunch was on for Saturday and I had never attended so this was the year to make that happen. But Mike was on call for both hospitals and as always, when he is on call, I might as well be on call because my week is notoriously just as hectic. This has been the case for many years now. But that particular morning, I wanted peace to reign in my heart and mind but guilt and chaos were clearly at the helm. Guilt loves to mess with me by saying things like, "Probably isn't the best time for you to leave your domestic responsibilities and such and don't forget the difficulties your mother is experiencing with your dad and wouldn't it be easier if you stayed here to help out? Blaty blaty blah...." So the war wages on in my mind to quench my road-trip excitement. But low and behold, God's Word came in like a superhero to save the day!!! As I read from Deuteronomy 16, the passage spoke of the Festival of Shelters or Tabernacles. When I got to verse 14, it read, "This will be a HAPPY TIME of celebrating with your DAUGHTER....and in verse 15, these words leapt off the page. "You MUST CELEBRATE this festival to honor the LORD your God at the place He chooses, for it is He who blesses you with bountiful harvests and gives you success in all your work. THIS FESTIVAL (celebratory trip to Nashville) WILL BE A TIME OF GREAT JOY FOR ALL." I knew that God had spoken to me from an unlikely place in Scripture but it was Him and I knew it. Woo hoo! I had been given a "divine guilt-free hall pass" to go to Nashville and celebrate with Molly all that the LORD had done over the past four years. He had brought me through empty nest-hood and revealed Himself in a mighty way in Molly's life as well. I needed to know that He was sending me on this road-trip and He revealed that this was His will. So now I could tell the enemy to back off and shut thee up! I was headed to Nashville to have a blast with my daughter for her Alpha Sigma Tau parent's weekend. To sum up His message to me, "Now go have fun and reflect on all I have done for you both!!!" Yes Sir!!!
If anyone thinks that reading the Bible doesn't make a difference in your day, weekend or life, I beg to differ!!! God used Deuteronomy 16:14-15 to fight the enemy of my soul and to prevent him from stealing a precious time that was meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.    John 10:10 says that, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly." God's Word to me on that particular day was a loss prevention word. I had an amazing time of great joy with Molly in Nashville. Thank you, LORD!!!

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UL Cards Fan said...

Was teary eyed reading this wonderful post but got some comic relief when I read "shuteth thee up". You've certainly got a way with words Dana. Looking forward to adventures in Houston...