Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Band of Brothers Roadtrip 2012

After praying about where to spend the week after Memorial Day, we decided to visit Mike's family whom we rarely see.  We originally thought we would go to the beach as per usual.  Then thought it might be nice to visit Sophie in Chicago but she already had plans.  So we called the fam and everyone was available and excited and told us to, "Come on!"  It was truly a blessing to pop in on their respective cities and share a couple of meals together and reminisce about the past.  
 Mike and Sam (14 years older) in DeQueen, Arkansas

Kim, Sam's wife.  She is a horse whisperer.

Mike and Stan in Plano, TX

Pam and Stan

In Austin, TX, Sherri (Pat's daughter), me and Pat who was married to Jim, Mike's oldest brother who passed away in 2008

In Houston, TX, Judy was married to Mike's brother John (10 years older) for 9 years before they divorced. He passed away at the age of 36.   John was an attorney and just happened to casually mention to Mike while in high school that if he had it to do over, he would've gone to medical school.  For that reason, Mike decided that he would go to med school.  Only Mike!  Also, he hadn't seen Judy since John's funeral in 1984.  It was such a fun reunion.  Love her!!!

Judy and John's wedding.  Mike was 10.  Stan, Gail, John, Judy, Mike's dad, Jim, Jim Jr, and little Mikey.  not exactly where Sam was?!!

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