Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day Pajama Party

For a year of new beginnings, I'm off to a slow-ish start.  It's 2:19 p.m. and I'm still in my flannels.  It's not that I'm an over-acheiver on any given day, but this feels absurdly wrong.  So much so that I've just asked God to TAKE OVER this vessel and this day and do what He wishes if anything substantial is really going to be accomplished to kick off this new year.  I'm actually at the beach. On vacation.  So it shouldn't be a biggie that I'm in a freeloader fog. It is vacation. And a holiday.  As I peer out the sliding glass doors I see quite a few people playing outside on the beach, fishing, surfing  and whatnot along with two brave souls who have even dared to venture into the chilly Atlantic Ocean (OVER-achievers). And, yes, the sound of motorcycles with riders going somewhere important no less are heard from my abode. But as I lay here cozied up in my bed, I wonder if anyone is really accomplishing anything or if I'm just suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out).  Yup, that's my issue.  Wait. Hold up. I just noticed some crumbs in my keyboard and I managed to flip it over and clean them out.  I think my day just took a turn toward production.  Happy New Year, Y'all!

p.s. Fast forward 8 hours.... Just for the record, God did take me up on my invitation to TAKE OVER.  How do I know?  I had THE BEST EVENING!  Mike, Molly, mom and I made a plan to visit dad at his "rehab" facility (the learning to walk and build muscle kind), go to dinner at a great restaurant where the food was especially delish, and then see the movie, 'Parental Guidance' where we all LOL'd histerically. My mom hardly ever agrees to see movies in an actual theater so I knew He was working out the plan when she said, "yes," but the non-stop laughter confirmed it. My afternoon/evening morphed into a God ordained joyful plan where I knew without a doubt that HE was with us.  It was extra special for some reason.  Maybe just because I invited Him in. Wait, did I just stumbled upon my New Year's resolution?  To invite God to "make my day" every day.  Expect it! Witness it!  And be mindful of Him and KNOW He's in it? Maybe He just wants to be loved and actually inviting Him to participate in my life grants Him that desire. Does this mean I'll get dinner and a movie every night this year?  Probably not.  But knowing God is directing my steps as I invite Him to do so reminds me to stay close to Him. As communication increases, so does joy (and laughter!). Our relationship can only grow closer.  Love Him.  Dialog with Him.  Invite Him into the pajama party and see how He wants to rock your day. Every day.

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