Friday, January 3, 2014

Could You Use A CHRISTmas Ham?

What do you do when you don't want to forget a cool "answer to prayer" story?  You blog it!

So a few days before CHRISTmas, Mike and I were blessed with a lovely ham from a friend.  Although we appreciated it, we had already made plans to deep fry a turkey and do the trimmings that go with it.  We knew we needed to pass the ham gift on to someone who might need it.  Before he left for work one morning, we prayed and asked God to show us who we should give it to.  We both knew that He would answer and give us wisdom about the request.  I believe He is thrilled when we bother to ask His "opinion" so I knew He would make the answer obvious in His time.  In my mind, however, I envisioned us taking the ham to someone.  But about an hour after we prayed, an employee of our landscaper/lawn service stopped by to drop off a poinsettia to me as a way of saying thanks for getting him an appointment with Mike for a hand problem he was having.  I was grateful for his thoughtfulness and as he left and got in his truck to leave, I remembered the ham (or rather the Holy Spirit prompted me)!!! I shouted out to him and asked him if he needed one and he said, "yes!"  I ran and grabbed it and gave it to him. A few minutes after he left, Mike called to check in and I told him what had happened and he agreed 100% that he was our answer to the "ham prayer."

 So the Lord didn't answer exactly in the way I thought He would.  Instead of going out to take it to a designated person, He brought the person to us!!!  Glory to God in the highest!!!

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