Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Orphanage

      I had the privilege of returning to Ethiopia this past September 2014, for the second time in two years for a medical mission trip through World Medical Mission.  My husband would be helping out in the orthopedics department at the hospital in Soddo, a town in southern Ethiopia.  And seeing as I am totally non-medical when it comes to nurse-y type skills, I go along and help out wherever I am needed.
      Last year, my daughter, Molly, and step-son, Jonathan,  and I had the privilege of working in a school on the hospital campus teaching English from the Bible.  We had an incredible experience with the students and tremendously enjoyed our time with them.  But this year as we returned, we found out the school would be on holiday break for the entire time we would be in town.  I didn't panic although I was sad that I would not be able to reconnect with the kids we had met a year earlier.  But this year, I would have a new assignment along with my step-daughter, Sophie, who was able to take time off from work and sojourn with us.  I knew in my heart that the LORD would provide work for us.  And He did!  The Children's Cross Connection is an orphanage that houses approximately 60 kids and it is just about one mile from the hospital.  I had not had the privilege of visiting last year even though it was on my bucket list.  But this year, Sophie and I had the desire to meet with the administrator  and see how we might be able to help out.  They allowed us to come and hang out with the children as our schedule allowed and they gave us total creative freedom to spend time with them as we saw fit.
     The first day we planned a "painting party" as I had bought and packed supplies from Hobby Lobby.  The ability to paint and create and allow the "inner artist" that resided in all of them was special.

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