Monday, June 1, 2015

Serve Those You Want To Serve You!

I have issues! I confess I am very critical of customer service these days seeing as how it's pathetic or non-existent in many retail establishments.  And as a former retail girl, I have ridiculous standards.

Last week, I was in my local grocery store and only had a small-ish cart full of items.  At the check out point, I became discouraged as the line was long and only one "normal" lane was open.  Maybe I could have used the self-check out option but in all actuality, I think I had too many items too fit on the scannermabob counter.  So I waited in the only lane available to me as I definitely had more than 12 items to qualify for express.  

My reoccurring issue presented itself as I began to wait and my hypercritical thoughts quickly surfaced because the two people in front of me had extra-large carts filled to the brim and the check-out  process was moving at a snail's pace.  After I found fault and cast blame sufficiently in my mind, I went too look for a human employee.  I asked the first one I came across if he could open up a lane.  He said I would have to make my request at the customer service desk.  Ugh.  Then low and behold, an employee appeared and opened the lane I was walking through to get back to my cart.  I quickly grabbed it and began to unload.  I was frustrated but tried to be kind.   In the scheme of things, this was not really a thing.  But it was controlling me and it had happened several times in the past month  (and/or years) so I knew God was doing something!  He tends to highlight our issues when it's time to work them out!  When I got home, I dropped to my knees and asked Him what I was supposed to do at the moment of frustration when I wanted to complain my head off and give vent to my frustration.  He said this:  "SERVE THOSE YOU WANT TO SERVE YOU BY PRAYING FOR THEM."  "O.K. Lord, what do you want me to pray?" I asked.  "PRAY FOR THEM TO LOVE ME," He said.

Well, that makes good, godly sense!  If I'm praying instead of complaining (out loud or in my mind), I am serving them which is actually serving God.  And if Im praying, I am blessing them and not cursing them (which is my sin-nature/automatic response).  So when I feel my customer service needs aren't being met and my blood begins to boil (I have entitlement issues too! But that's a whole other talk show), I will know that that's my cue to begin praying and serving those I want to serve me.  Imma try it.  P to the T to the L!!!  Gonna catch a ride on the freedom train!!!  Woot woot!

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