Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beautiful St. Barts!

The Lord cued the sailboats!!  
Gustavia, the port town of St. Barts
Our infinity pool at LeVillage St. Jean Hotel/cottages  with the caribbean sea in the background
The view from the restaurant "Le Cesar" with bougainvillea framing the bay!
Thank You, Lord, for the gift of this great vacation!!!  Mike and I had the best time ever as we celebrated our 10 year anniversary at the exact same place (same cottage even) where we spent our honeymoon.  Thank you for guiding us back there to rest, reflect and focus on our marriage. We are truly a second marriage miracle in the fact that God is transforming us into who He created us to be.  The bulk of the "work" has taken place over the last 10 years when in late 1999  Mike had the sense to "listen to the pastor and have a devotion" together at home.  I never will forget how rediculously odd it felt to pull the Bible out from the bookshelf and actually open it and read the few verses that corresponded with the "Daily Bread" devotion booklet and then have prayer before he headed off to work.  But that was just the beginning of our life-changing experience.  We noticed almost right away that we had a little more peace throughout the day so we continued this new daily habit!  And that is where our God story begins and continues to this day.  After months of having our devos together, I began my first Beth Moore Bible study in Aug. 2000,  David- A Heart Like His. I actually went "kicking and screaming" because a good friend insisted and a bad knee from an old ski injury took me out of tennis.  Turns out, I looooove bible studies and have not stopped seeking God through His Word!!!  Mike began his own "quiet time" by reading the One Year Bible in Jan. 2001 and has read it through every year since then.  We both began to "put into practice" what God spoke to us and stepped into whatever "assignment" or action He led us to do no matter how foolish or silly or scary it was.  I could write a book on this journey but for now I will just say that GOD HAS WORKED WONDERS FOR US AND WE KNOW THAT HE IS THE LORD, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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