Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More St. Barts 10 year Anniversapalooza pics!

Our balcony with the view from which I took 400 pix of the same thing-the view of the beautiful baie St. Jean!
I LOOOve dogs.  This is sache'.
I love this runway!!!
My favorite part of the whole experience is the runway at the beach.  I could stand there and take pix of people as the prop planes take off. The danger sign didn't say anything about standing at the end of the runway-simply no parking or sunbathing.  Just sayin'!
Although I'm not much of a name dropper John McEnroe I heard a familiar voice right beside me at the missing bag  counter John McEnroe when I turned around and low and behold there he was. His daughter's bag had not arrived with her flight as was the case for Mike's. I didn't have time to whip out the paparazzi camera like I usually do when things like this happen.  I was obviously not on guard like a good star stalker should have been. Game off.  Molly would have been proud that I actually behaved.  In reality, I simply missed the money shot.  My brother said I should have had a fit myself over Mike's missing bag and said, "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!"  Again, game off!  

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