Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can You Say, "The Drought Is Over?!!"


According to the National Weather Service, some parts of Volusia County have received more than 27 inches of rain since May 17.

Yes, the drought is officially over in Daytona Beach after receiving 20 inches of rain. Here in Ormond Beach, we've had 28 inches in 4 days. This is an all-time record. This is our family vacation week so on the bright side, no one is sunburned. There really isn't a downside because we've made the best of it by eating (alot), playing games(alot), watching movies(alot), and shopping at the Millenia Mall. I pray that God is pouring out His Spirit on this area in the same measure as the rains we've had this week. Daytona Beach revival from Port Orange to Palm Coast has been my prayer ever since God blessed us with a "double portion" in the form of a condo in Ormond Beach this past January. I know He is doing a great work here! Lord, be with those who are still experiencing the effects of the rain with severe flooding. May all of our hearts be soft to You and how You want to rescue us via the Jesus Ark!

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