Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer (Greenup County Prayer Walk)

The war we fight with the weapon of prayer is as real as the physical battle Army Chaplain, Captain Jeff Struecker fought in Mogadishu, Somalia, as featured in the movie "Blackhawk Down." Only our enemy is unseen. The battle in our county, state, and nation is ever-present. Onward Christian soldiers! This year we had 312 people participate with 23 different churches and 10 denominations represented. Imagine the power of the body united in prayer. Heal Greenup County, LORD. Just a week before this year's walk, Molly told me that we (Greenup county) made the NBC nightly news for our ginormous drug problems. I didn't see the broadcast but I told her that we were on it and would be "praying them out soon." Exactly one week later the local newspaper headlines read, "Drugs, money seized in bust." This "bust" took place in Greenup county!!! I was ecstatic because I knew that we were on our way! PTL! "May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in You." Psalm 33:22

We had 7 prayer stations along the 1.5 mile route and everyone had a prayer guide to help them focus on the 7 key areas--Government, military, media, business, education, church and family.
You gotta love a prayin' poodle!!
Leon is definitely worthy of two "I prayed" stickers
Praying for area businesses!

Hydration station and half-way point.
(Mike and me) God gave me the idea to organize a prayer walk for Greenup County back in May 2005 when a friend alerted me to the fact that we had no services for the NDP in our county and she thought it might be good if I coordinated something for the NDP for the next year. I actually laughed in my spirit about the possibility of starting something because at that time my plate was very full and the kids were all still at home and life was just plain hectic. But the next day when I just "happened" to be reading the account of Abraham and the Three Visitors when they informed him that "this time next year Sarah will have a baby." Immediately, I recognized that my reaction to my friend had been the same as Sarah's. (Laughing in my Spirit thinkin' "as if!!"). I was convicted right then and there! "No, LORD, nothing is too difficult for you," I said. I also quickly told the LORD I was sorry and that if He wanted me to do something with the National Day of Prayer for my area just to let me know. I went back to the Scriptures I had been reading when the idea immediately "popped" into my mind that had to do with people walking and praying on Diedrich Blvd. It wasn't really a vision but more of an idea and I knew that it was Him b/c I wasn't even trying to think of anything that had to do with the NDP. After months of nervous prayer and listening to God's leading and instructions as He shared with me how He wanted it done, I proceeded step by step with many other helpers and we launched the "1st annual Greenup County NDP prayer walk" in May 2006, only three months after Jason was tragically killed in an auto accident on the way back to U.K. from his ski trip to Snowshoe. At this point, I was right in the middle of planning the walk and I believed that God would clearly let me off the hook for this year in lieu of the bomb that had dropped on us. As we grieved and took care of so many details concerning his death, funeral and our new lives without him, I expected God to release me from my responsibility of planning the Greenup Co. event. Only He didn't. By now it was the end of March and again I waited to hear Him release me at least for this year. I truly expected Him to say, "Honey, in light of all that has happened to you and your family, why don't we just wait until next year to do a prayer walk," at which point I was prepared to say, "well, yeah, of course." That never happened so I rallyed and made some phone calls and God gloriously pulled it together.
Military prayer station along the route. Some stop and pray and others continue to walk and pray.

Praise and worship portion of the prayer walk. All ministers come forward and stand together to represent unity in the body of Christ.

6:30 p.m. NDP Greenup County Prayer Walk - We praised God, prayed and sang "God Of This County/City," "Holy, Holy, Holy," and "How Great Is Our God." We united our hearts in prayer and petition with 23 churches and 10 denominations represented for a total of 312 people!
7:30 a.m. NDP Prayer Breakfast at KDMC Jonny, Tony, Stephanie, Me, Kathy and Army Chaplain, Captain Jeff Struecker The movie "Blackhawk Down" was based on his rescue in Mogadishu, Somalia! What an amazing Christian soldier!!

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